N I C     M I L L E R


My name is Nic Miller and I have the opportunity to serve the community by helping coordinate Friday Nights. I was born and raised in southern Illinois. In 2006 I moved to Arizona where I made a commitment to Christ in 2009 at Calvary Chapel Tucson. From there my relationship with Jesus grew and my faith led me to North San Diego County in 2013. At that time, as someone living in a new place with no friends and no family close by I was drawn to welcoming and vibrant presence at NCCC. I enjoy men’s discipleship, hiking, camping, community worship and the study of God’s word in the bible. I have a desire to see people: grow into and as leaders, find healing and true identity in relationship with Jesus and respond to God’s unique calling on their life. I want to open up paths to transform lives and equip others to do the great things Jesus promised we would do.

If you would like more info about volunteering at 30|40 or NCCC, please let me know. If you are interested in discipleship or outdoor adventures, please contact me. My email is: nics_50 @yahoo.com. I hope you experience more of God’s love and truth each day!

D A V I D     D E W E S E

30 | 40    WORSHIP   LEADER

Howdy! My name is David and I’m privileged to lead the 30|40 worship team. I started following Jesus as a teen while growing up in Texas. During college I became interested in music and moved to Nashville to be more involved in its creative community. While playing in rock bands, I had the opportunity to write and record albums, tour the world, and eventually found myself leading worship in churches. Upon moving to California in 2010, I was thrilled to immediately discover NCCC and the 30|40 ministry as a welcoming, caring, and nurturing, instant-family type of community. I hope we can be that for you as well. Welcome to 30|40.

P A T R I C K     C R A I S


I was born in Virginia but spent my high school years in Georgia and call that my home. Mainly because they have the Waffle House everywhere in Georgia.  I served 9 years in the Navy.  I was born again my senior year at age 22 at the Naval Academy.  Was brought into the faith by the Navigators ministry and then spent my first few years as a Christian on a Navy ship in Japan.  I have a deep appreciation for all the different congregations serving the Lord across Asia as every time we went into port I would meet up with different churches and missionaries and worship with them. When I got out of the service I was very interested in taking some time and exploring Biblical Counseling so for 1 1/2 years attended Westminster seminary and learned as much as I could before jumping back into the professional world.  It was a great experience and 14 years later I am using those tools to shepherd and love God’s people.  I love being with people, helping them in their walk with Christ. I also enjoy Surfing, running, and Crossfit in Encinitas, taking my dog  Wallace around with me and having him bless the local people in Cardiff.  I am a big fan of my town Cardiff and long to see the Lord save more people in it.  I also enjoy work and own a few businesses that keep me very busy but also give me the freedom to prioritize my schedule around things other than work.   I do not hope to create a “holy huddle” but to equip Christ’s people with the tools to go out and love the world.  I get so much joy in my heart when I see the faces of those who have repented of things in their lives, and have Christ in their hearts. I am grateful to be in this church and for those that have taken time to love me.