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This ministry currently offers various opportunities of support for our military personnel both locally and abroad who are primarily connected with Camp Pendleton. For more information and involvement please stop by the Military Support Network table after a weekend service or e-mail Jack & Nina Baugh, our church’s Reps.


Hands-On Opportunities

Check out the Latest News tab below to learn about upcoming opportunities for you to help with special projects or events.
For further inquiry, please e-mail Jack & Nina Baugh

MSN List of Needs

Most of us American Christians have a sincere desire to support our military. The Lord continues to bless the Military Support Network ministry and NCCC as we endeavor to love and help these families by our “find a need and fill it” motto. We thank the Lord for these opportunities! If you have any of the following items you would like to donate, please contact the church office at 760-929-0029 X157 or contact Jack & Nina Baugh at 760.721.4527, or click here to send an email. Thank you so much!

Items continually needed by our military families:

Gift Cards - (Supermarket, WalMart, Target, etc.)
Beds - all sizes from cribs to king size + bedding
Sofas - Occasional Chairs - End Tables - Coffee Tables - Lamps
Tables & Chairs - any size
Dressers - from child size to adult
TV’s - TV Stands
Entertainment Centers
Book Shelves - Desks
Washers & Dryers

Kitchen Wares:
Small appliances
Posts & Pans
Cookie Sheets - Cake Pans

Baby Items
Changing Tables
High CHairs
Pak ‘n Plays
Potty Chairs
Chairs, Strollers, Swings, Sit’n Spin, Toys, Books, etc.

Baby/Children Clothing (No Adult Clothing)


Military Support Network News

New Opportunities to Serve!

You all are such a blessing to our Camp Pendleton Marines/Sailors and we know it blesses your hearts to serve them in whatever capacity you are able.  What a wonderful opportunity we have to spread the Lord’s love and to serve those who volunteer to bleed and die for us!!
Listed below are upcoming opportunities with basic dates information, and additional detailed information (location, duties available etc.) will be available soon.
Please check the dates and let us know if you are interested and available on any of these dates: 
JULY 27th         -  SUNDAY -  12:00 – 3:00 pm     (This event will involve a LARGE unit with require MANY hands;  we will BBQ and serve the meal & ice cream treats)
The following dates involve smaller units – up to 400 expected to attend:
JULY 31st       -  THURSDAY -  11:00 – 3:00pm
AUGUST 2nd   -  SATURDAY -  12:00 – 3:00pm
AUGUST 16th   -  SATURDAY -  11:00 – 2:00pm
AUGUST 29th   -  SATURDAY -  11:00 – 3:00pm
May the Lord “melt, mold, fill and use” each of us for His glory as together we serve HIM by serving others.
In His service with you all, shoulder-to-shoulder!
Nina & Jack




La Costa Resort & Spa • 2100 La Costa Del Mar Rd., Carlsbad, CA 92009
11:00am       Registration Opens
11:00am       Drive available for practice, pre-tournament games start
4:30pm         Post Golf Reception begins
5:00pm         Silent Auction and Raffles
6:00pm         Awards & Event Close
A portion of sponsorship fees to benefit the Military Support Network
The fee amount to be determined by attendee
If interested in more details and/or to register, please contact Stephanie Andre 489-517-6606 or email her at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Commander’s Cup - Another opportunity to serve our Marines

A unit consisting of 1000 Marines and Sailors will be competing in various events internally for the Commander’s Cup.  Family members not invited to this event.
The Family Readiness Officer has expressed how they would welcome our support in grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, and we plan to serve root beer floats.
Date/Time:    Thursday, April 24th, 2014   -  Grillers need to arrive at the front side of Lake O’Neill (on Camp Pendleton) by 10:00am to begin grilling, with serving to begin at 1100 until approximately 1400.  We plan to arrive close to 10:00 am also to set up root beer float area.
We plan to depart Smart & Final   (5 Fwy and O’side Blvd)  promptly by 9:30 am, and will need helpers to arrive no later than 9:15 am to transport ice cream and root beer 2-ltr bottles, equipment, etc. to the location.
This will be a great experience as it always is to bless our warriors with our ‘foodie fuel’ support, along with our prayers and smiles most certainly filled with our hearts love, provided by our Great Leader!!!  Woo Hoo!!
“PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!!”  We love opportunities to bless these guys/gals that you provide to us, Lord!!!
PLEASE respond ASAP to let us know if you are willing and able and are able to clear your calendar and providing helping hands.
With our appreciation and love,
Nina & Jack
Military Support Network
North Coast Calvary Chapel/Carlsbad

Easter Family Day Event on Camp Pendleton

THANK YOU ALL WHO BROUGHT FILLED EASTER EGGS etc. to help Unit HMLA 169 have a bounty of eggs to hide for the 70 kids expected to attend their Family Day Saturday.  We pray the Lord’s love is evident and blesses many hearts this coming Saturday through each of us there to serve.  We have been blessed to provide a number of ‘prizes’ and gifts to military families/persons to help make the event fun for all ages.  The last we heard they are expecting between 350 and 400 persons to attend.  We plan to have some basic snacks available (crackers & cheese &/or peanut butter) for our group.  Should the unit have an over-abundance of food, no doubt they will invite us to eat also, however we always wait until we know the military persons/families have had plenty before we go through the line.
Unless you already know the way to the Ranch House Grounds on Camp Pendleton, please plan to meet us by 9:30 am Saturday at the Smart & Final store at 5 Fwy and Oceanside Blvd.  We will need to leave by 9:30am to head out to Base/Camp Pendleton.  We will need help in carrying supplies (ice cream, root beers, etc.) in large coolers to the site and after loading up we will plan to caravan out together.  Vehicle drivers will need to have their Driver’s Licenses in hand upon approaching the entry gate to Camp Pendleton where the guard will inquire with “Where are you headed?”, and of course the answer is to the Ranch House to serve ice cream treats at a Family Day event.
This will be a fun event, Gang, as it’s so fun to watch the little ones hunt for the Easter Eggs!!
We are looking forward to having a great day . . . and noticed today that we may have some showers that day, but hopefully it won’t dampen the fun.  Let’s pray the rain comes a day early this time and provides a good drink to all the thirsty plants and also to fill the lakes/streams.
Blessings on you all and we pray the Lord is active in our lives this week as we endeavor to “Bloom Where Planted” in the Lord’s garden.
Nina & Jack

Another Big Thank You!

Team,  the following was received from the FRO
(Curtis)  regarding their Christmas Party held at the Historic Ranch House
on Camp Pendleton, December 21st:

Hi Nina & Jack,
            I pray this finds you and yours off to a Blessed New
Year!  Just returned from a small vacation, attempting to catch up on all
that has transpired since. Wanted to say thank you again for all your
efforts and the efforts of the awesome Team from NCCC for making the
Regiment’s Christmas Party another huge success!  You guys made our Lord
look good!! Thank you!

With much appreciation in Him,

Family Readiness Officer

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is
lost; when character is lost, all is lost.” Billy Graham

What a privilege it was for us to provide the pecan, apple, pumpkin pies,
and to have such a wonderful team of supporters show up to serve, and serve
and serve!!!  You guys were absolutely AWESOME and what a privilege for us
to be able to “make the Lord look good” . . . to those in attendance that
day.  Wasn’t it absolutely amazing?  HEARTY thanks for all the support,
whether in prayer, gift cards, energies and efforts, etc.

Much love to you all, and may His hand of mercy, love and grace be upon you
all throughout this new year - 2014!!!  God Bless!!!

Nina & Jack Baugh
Military Support Network
North Coast Calvary Chapel/Carlsbad

Awesome Opportunity!

(an estimated total of 200+ to attend, including children)
DECEMBER 6, 2013 -  6:00 – 8:00 pm
(outdoor event)
San Diego Botanical Gardens -  Encinitas, CA
230 Quail Gardens Dr., Encinitas, 92024

Volunteers will be needed
  . . to help to work with kids as they decorate Christmas Stockings and/or Santa Hats);
  . . to serve at the Hot Chocolate & Coffee Bar, and
  . . to serve dessert.
Are you interested?  . . . available?
Santa is to be present, also a we are hoping to provide Christmas Gifts:
Number of persons expected to attend:  49 kids,
                                                      6l married Marines/Sailors (122 adults),
                                                      40 singles.
Kids ages range from 0 – 8 yrs (37) , and 12 between ages of 9 and 18 yrs.
If this is something you feel led to participate in, please let us know (via e-mail, please)  what “fits” for you;  and THANKS in advance!  In case of rain, the unit plans to provide a big tent!

“Tis a blessing to be a blessing”, . . . and we thank the Lord for the opportunities He provides as we endeavor to “Find a Need and Fill It” . . . for His glory and to share His love!!!

Another Opportunity - Update

Another Opportunity to bless a unit (2 days later)
(an estimated total of up to 1200 expected to attend)
Sunday – December 8th, 2013 Date Change to Sunday, December 21 -  11:00 – 3:00pm
(outdoor event)
LOCATION:  Camp Pendleton
Ranch House

This will be our 3rd Annual Opportunity to bless CLR-17 at their Christmas Party.  What a privilege!!  Many of you perhaps heard 1st Sgt (Rtd) Curtis Winfree speak at the Patriotic Luncheon this past July 6th.  Many indicated it was THE BEST program in the 11 years of this event having been held.  Curtis is the FRO (Family Readiness Officer) for this unit and a wonderful Christian man.  What a privilege to bless this large unit again.
It is our plan to support them with Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin pies after their catered lunch, . . . or before for those who think “Life is Short;  Have Dessert First!”  wink
If it would bless you to volunteer to support this event, your help will surely be appreciated.
  .. Help in picking up approx. 100 pies from COSTCO
  .. Help cutting and serving the pies
In years past they have requested our volunteers to help run their popcorn, cotton candy and snow-cone machines also.
Let us know   (via e-mail PLEASE)  . . . if you are interested and available to assist with serving in some way.  Last year they also needed our volunteers to help serve the food, and that may be the case again this year.  For sure, there is plenty to be done in order to bless these warriors and their families.
Should you have a special “something” that you think would make a wonderful re-gifted Christmas present, please let us know.  Last year we received a nearly-new 42” Flat Screen (skinny) TV and stand and it was 1st prize of all the prizes.  A set of golf clubs, jogging stroller, patio set . . . .  etc. would all make wonderful top-prize gifts, should you be looking to share such items.  Transport and Manpower would be provided to pick up items.
Thank you all for being interested and supportive of our military persons, and we ALL know . . . . . prayer is THE BEST gift of all, and being ready to share the Lord’s love story to hearts that need to hear.  We are very careful to never “button hole” anyone and if that was our attitude, we would not be invited on Base at all!  We all pray for wisdom and the Lord’s direction as we go about our daily lives, for His glory!!
Thanks for caring and sharing when opportunities arise that “fit” for you.

Christmas Care Pacakges

We have a couple of deployed units that need our support, Gang.  We have opportunity to be an encourager and supporter of moral to our troops.

Two deployed units’ Family Readiness Officers (FRO’s) have contacted us requesting Care Packages be sent to these young military warriors who will be away from home.  Care Packages are requested to bring “CHRISTMAS CHEER” and “LOVE FROM HOME” . . . to these guys and gals.
Those interested will need to prepare and get their Care Package(s) in the mail soon (no later than 1st week of December)  in order to be certain your “love” is received by Christmas.  If possible, send a package right away to reach them before Thanksgiving also.  It’s not so much what we send, it’s more about our willingness to “reach out and touch” them with love and appreciation!
Mail to attention of:
1)    SSgt Luciano                      
  R-4 Operations
  Unit 4219
  FP0 – AP 96427-2190                 (I can’t find my records on this just now, but think this unit has some 40-50 members)
2)    1stSgt C. Hunts Hasse-May     (I know this an unusual name however we double checked and it is correct.)
        9th Com Btn. Hdq.
        Unit 16076
        FPO AP 96427-6076                   (130 guys/gals in this unit)
  Beef Jerky
  Baby Wipes (larger ones preferred)
  Assorted nuts, (more than candy)
  Homemade cookies/candy
  Cans or pouches of Tuna
  Plastic jars of peanut butter
  Summer sausage (but call it “meat” - - on the Custom Forms) 
  Trail Mix
  Protein/Energy Bars
  Good reading material (“soft Christian books”, sports magazines, etc. paperbacks)
  Christmas Cards (new ones for them to send back home to family/friends)
  Christmas paper/envelopes (they don’t need stamps – as postage isn’t charged them)
  Something “Christmas-ie” to help decorate their quarters.  (a filled Stocking, small Christmas tree, string of lights, etc.)
December 7th would be VERY latest to send a Christmas Care Package.  The second unit identified above is to be deployed for a year, and it will be approximately this time of year - - - 2014 - - - before they return.  Let’s not forget them!
They all LOVE to receive notes from people (young and old)  and if you would tell them about your family, your pet, your years in the military, etc. . . . . it would be so much more interesting to them than to just send a package of goodies without any “personal” info.  Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?  If you are comfortable with it, include a picture of yourself, your family, your pet, etc.  Invite them to contact you upon their return and let you meet them for coffee, lunch, at the beach, etc.  These are   OUR   guys/gals, Americans.  Wouldn’t it be our privilege to help boost their spirits and help keep their morale up?  The Lord can use us by simply being willing to love them enough to send encouragement and appreciation.  We would caution against sending ‘heavy’ Christian messages until you hear back (hopefully) from one of them and find them to be receptive.  Our job is to LOVE on them.  The Lord will work on their hearts.
Wow!  What a privilege to have such a wonderful group of red-blooded American supporters in you all who love and cherish our warriors who are standing up and doing their utmost to keep us free and safe here at home in our Country!  Lord, help us to allow you to lead us to bless where these warriors need us.  We desire to allow your Spirit to live, move and bless through our lives.  “Lead On Lord Jesus!!”

It’s Care Package Time!

Hi All,
You may be aware we are pro-active in supporting our deployed troops in an effort to “Find a Need and Fill It” with regard to our military warriors.  We have recently inquired again, and have received the following response from the FRO (Family Readiness Officer) on Camp Pendleton, as she wrote us:
Ms. Nina,
Good morning, and here is one of the SSgt’s reply.  =)
” Mrs. Michelle: 
You are the greatest of all time. What we need is hygiene gear!!!!! Axe body wash, etc. Also some febreeze and air fresheners would be great.
THANK YOU to all our wonderful supporters, from those of us fighting the fight in Afgh.

SSgt Luciano, Luis
R4 Operations Group
Unit 42190
FPO-AP 96427-2190

The above is the address we are able to mail to in Afghanistan at this time. As you are no doubt aware, our guys there now are in a very precarious situation as most of the troops have been drawn down and brought back to the States, resulting in a great deal of risk.
If you are interested and able, please send letters, cards, words of encouragement and hygiene items he has requested to the attention of SSgt Luciano.  There are 40 guys in this unit at this time, so it will take many Care Packages to fill their request.  We are planning to send a few boxes today and/or tomorrow.  Uncle Sam wants YOU and ME to support our troops and we know the Lord wants us to serve Him by serving those who stand up and put it all on the line in an effort to keep us free and safe here at home.
Wish you all could have heard the words so eloquently presented at our July 6th (just past) Patriotic Luncheon through the LAF/Prime Time program where recently retired USMC 1st Sgt Curtis Winfree put it all in perspective for us, especially we Christians!  It was amazing and sorry if you missed it.
Thanks for caring, ... and for sharing as we support those who support us . . . . together.  Prayer is THE most important thing we can do for them and for our Country!!
God bless you each one!
Nina & Jack

Upcoming Ministry Opportunities

1)    August 6th (Tuesday)
    11: - 2: pm
    Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton -  for CLB-1
      “FAMILY DAY” BEACH PARTY , and some 300 persons are expected to attend.
We were invited to attend their party and we asked if we might provide dessert in the form of Root Beer Floats and Ice Cream Sundae’s . . . and the unit’s CO and FRO were all over it!!!  What a privilege!!
We have also offered to provide CLB-1 with at least 10 - $50 gifts for “opportunity drawings”  and should anyone have a gift they would like to “re-gift”, or a set of golf clubs, etc . . . please do let us know.
Also, let us know if you would be willing and able to “scoop and pour” on the goodies and help create some happy smiles.
We will meet at Smart & Final (5 Fwy & O’side Blvd) and caravan out unless someone desires to drive there directly.

2)    September 3rd (Tuesday)
      2: - 6:pm
      MAG 39 - Hangar (Air Field on Camp Pendleton)
      “MPR EXPO”  -  (Marriage/Parenting/Relationship) with some 2500 - 3000 expected to attend.
We plan to serve ice cream treats instead of Nachos this year as cold treats will be appreciated in September! 
PLEASE let us now if you will be willing and able to again, . . . “scoop and pour” and bless individuals and families.  This is a huge event.
We will provide driving directions and most likely will need several vehicles to help us haul all the “goodies” out to the location.

THANKS, Team!  We truly appreciate you all and for those who are unable to attend either of these events, PLEASE know the most important thing is to pray for the event, for those attending, those serving . . .  that we may glorify HIM by showing HIS love to those HE would have us touch.
Many blessings upon you each one as together we serve HIM by serving others . . . for HIS glory!!  Amen!!
Nina & Jack

Hi there I recently started building a friendship with this amazing couple who resides on Base; they been marry for about 10 months they have an amazing 3yr old boy that has some delay on his speech. I was recently at their home on Santa Margarita base housing and I notice that they sleep on a air mattress hardly have any furniture in the living room. They move base on January and base on our conversations they have had sum rough times. Well my point is you guys helped me get my mattress when I was in need and I would like to help my new friends to get a bed too as I noticed that the air mattress has to be inflated several times at nite. Also don’t know if it makes a difference but he will be deploying in a month for six months. Your help will be really appreciated. Thnx again. “

We have written back to her and will definitely be actively doing what we can to bless this couple after receiving a bit more information.

Thank you for caring and sharing as you do, for letting your sphere-of-influence know about the opportunities (in abundance!) that we have to be a blessing!!
We love serving Him with you, shoulder-to-shoulder!!

Nina & Jack

Happy Holidays from Motor T Platoon

December 24, 2012

Jack, and Nina,
Good evening from Afghanistan.  I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for the Marines in this Platoon.  Tonight is Christmas Eve, and we just received a couple of boxes from each group.  You are truly amazing people.  The Marines on this deployment are in high spirits.  This is my 4th time deployed into combat, and I have never seen the effort made to maintain the morale like I have on this one.  Your efforts are truly noticed, and I can’t say thank you enough.  I hope that when I return, I may personally thank you for your support.  God bless you for all that you do.
GySgt Rivera, Christopher L.

Turkey Giveaway

These shots were taken at the big Turkey Give-Away the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, when some 225+ turkeys were provided to Edson Range Training Staff in an attempt to bless them and their families.  Horizon North County Christian Fellowship and North Coast Calvary Chapel joined in the effort and a great time was had by all.  ‘Tis more blessed to give than to receive’,  what a concept!!


  -  -    -    -    CHRISTMAS IS COMING   -    -    -    -

Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!!!  We’re still in the “game” and the Lord is leading in ways to bless our military warriors and families.  What a privilege!!
It’s been late notice on one event, but everyone on Base has been working overtime with troops returning home, troops departing, extensive training exercises, etc. and we understand!  Some Family Readiness Officers hardly get any sleep some weeks, and bless their hearts; they are to be commended for the energies they put into supporting our troops/families!!

Sending prayers for your Holiday gatherings, your families, your efforts to spread His love.  We love serving Him with you!!

Nina & Jack

Blessing the Troops

From: Roz R

To: Jack & Nina

Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 4:19 PM

Subject: items

“hi guys..

it has been quite some time since i have emailed you. i apologize, i know i was suposed to pick up a book from you,nina. this was a long deployment with many ups and downs- but it has come to an end as of 7 days ago and my hubby is home and things are wonderful. so to get to the meat and potatoes of this email..i would like to know if you have given away the weight set and/ or the gold recliner. i would like to have them,if possible. my hubby and i are avid excercisers and we use many “homeade” inventions for wieghts so a real set up complete or not would be so awesome to us. as always i thank you in advance and i appreciate all the things i have gotten from you and your great people. they have enriched our lives and we use these items everyday. i just wanted to note that the golf clubs that you all put me in touch with for my hubby when he was away- - - well. when he saw them, he was VERY happy.

please respond soon as possible,

many thanks and have an awesome day!

roz the info is

sgt chris
2nd battalion 5th marines scout observer chief
camp pendleton”

We   PRAISE THE LORD for His direction in setting this ministry in motion.  What a privilege for all of us to have a part in blessing these families who sacrifice so much.

Truly, it takes ALL of us . . . no matter in what small part we share, it is a blessing to the many families who are touched by a donation and sharing of His love.

“Lord, make us the nail on the wall that holds YOUR picture!”  Amen!!

MSN at Work!

MSN team at the MAG 39 Marriage/Family Expo, August 16, 2012, Camp Pendleton.

Ball Gown Giveaway

Please be aware that the BallGownGiveAway   (BGGA)  event is coming up before we know it, and from now through September 15th, the team of gals will be accepting evening dresses/prom gowns and accessories in the piazza at NCCC on Sunday mornings after both services.

Wounded Warrior West Battalion

WHAT A BLESSING!!!  We served a healthy, submarine sandwich luncheon, complete with veggie trays, lots of wonderful fresh fruit and melon, and then to those who were interested we served Root Beer Floats and Ice Cream Sundaes too.  We served approximately 75 individuals.  Then when stragglers came in we put together quesadillas, and that really brought on the smiles.  After arriving home, we received a call from our contact there indicating they all decided ours was the best “feed” from an organization they had experienced to date!  Now that’s a compliment, in our books!  All praise to the Father who opened the doors and allowed His love to move on in.  wink  If you have a heart to be a part of this effort in the future, please sign up at the MSN Table some Sunday morning or send an e-mail and we’ll do our best to keep it all straight!  (We need an office mouse in the house! wink  A summer BBQ would be a possibility, should there be adequate interest to pull it off.  Let us know what the Lord lays on your heart.  Available days to serve lunch:  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs each week.  Lunch to be served at 11:00.
Thanks for caring and sharing yourself in one way or another in this ministry effort to bless our troops/families.  You all are such a blessing!!

Chaplain Support

We have a “job” to do in support of Chaplain Wilson as he is over CREDO (Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation) on Camp Pendleton. (see message below)  He is doing an outstanding job in saving marriages and hopefully a positive impact will be felt throughout the Navy/Marine Corps. He is “pushing limits” with an aggressive CREDO program.  He needs our support in many facets, however right now he is asking for prayer!

We (all of us as Military Support Network) have the privilege of “coming-along-side” this chaplain by keeping him supplied with “incentives” that he uses to keep interest alive and well on Base.  To date we’ve been supplying him with stacks of gift cards ($10-20) to various places (ie: Starbucks, Del Taco, Subway), as sometimes guys/gals don’t hustle back into class at one of the retreats, and the chaplain indicates little incentives help him keep today’s generation more attentive.

It is such a blessing to have the likes of you all who believe in supporting our troops support and thank you for allowing us to act on your behalf.  The Lord has a mission for each of us and many opportunities come our way!  What a team!!!  What a privilege!!!

Love being “Onward Christian Soldiers” with you all, as we lift Him high!

Jack and Nina

Jack and Nina:
Please keep us prayed up here at CREDO.  We have a very big retreat this weekend and I will share its impact after this weekend:-)

Very Respectfully,

Some News

We want to share the wonderful devotional reading which blessed us today:
“I am the Light of the world.  Men crawl through their lives cursing the darkness, but all the while I am shining brightly.  I desire each of My followers to be a Light-bearer.  The Holy Spirit who lives in you can shine from your face, making Me visible to people around you.  Ask My Spirit to live through you as you wend your way through this day.  Hold My hand in joyful trust, for I never leave your side.  The Light of My Presence is shining upon you.  Brighten up the world by reflecting who I am.”
Copied from Jesus Calling, and based on John 8:12;  Matthew 5:14-16; 2 Corinthians 3:18; Exodus 3:14.  We pray this quote blesses you!
                                          -                      -                      -                    -
NOW, . . . we’d like to share with you a bit of “goings-on” regarding Military Support Network.  The furniture ministry is alive and well, and thank you all for being so proactive in sharing your items, and by letting your sphere of influence know how to bless these young military families by passing along items of furniture and household goods and children’s items to help fill needs.  We wish it was possible to share specific highlights more frequently with you, but know you realize the unbelievable amount of time and energy required in this ministry.
We must take the time to share this story with you, as follows:
A family in our Church body wanted to donate a car to a deserving military family.  The plan developed and six candidates were submitted to the donors and they made their first and second “winner” selections.  The candidate who became the “winner” family consists of a young Corporal Marine, his wife and their 18 month old daughter and they are in the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) on Base.  The baby was born with her intestines unattached (imperforate anus) and spent the first six months of her life in the hospital undergoing surgeries.  Continual adjustment will be required through the years.  The family was transferred here to Camp Pendleton in April of last year and the baby was hospitalized for a month following their arrival.  With only one car, you can imagine the inconvenience and shuffeling that was required and the young Cpl never was heard to complain, he simply walked everywhere.  His co-workers offered to give him a ride, however generally he simply did not let on and would simply walk wherever he needed to go.  You can understand why this couple was selected.
The donors of the car were impressed with each of the candidates, and have provided a nice gift card for each of them..  What a blessing!! 
“Coincidentally”, the ‘runner up’ couple will be receiving a nice gently-used expensive mountain bike recently donated to this ministry.  ;o)

Also, we want to share a couple of upcoming opportunities to bless at events being held on Camp Pendleton:
A Sweetheart Dinner is being held for a limited number of military couples by one unit to cap off a “The Five Love Languages” workshop this coming Friday evening and we have been asked to provide our Root Beer Floats and Ice Cream Sundae’s for their dessert, and each of the 10 couples will receive a $50 restaurant gift card which will be attached to one of those large Costco jars of peanut butter filled pretzels.  Thanks for your support that has made this possible!
The following week we are joining with a number of Churches in the area in support of a large unit (4500 troops) whose Chaplain is soliciting assistance in waging war on the high divorce rate amongst our military marriages.  We will be providing nachos and chips, cokes and several raffle gifts.
We so appreciate your prayer support for these precious families and the opportunities MSN has to “be there”.  “To God be the Glory”!
In His service with you, shoulder-to-shoulder as Onward Christian Soldiers!
Nina & Jack Baugh

Military Blood Drive

MSN has recently been requested to provide Rootbeer Floats to units holding Blood Drives.  Most recently we served SOI (School of Infantry) guys at their barracks Blood Drive.  (see picture)  What a blessing to serve them!

If enough blood is not collected on Base, our military has to purchase blood from outside sources in order to adequately provide for military hospitals at all installations, including war theatres.  Blood donations from our general population is encouraged for this reason.

Opportunity to Give

Your continued support of our troops by donating gently used furniture and household items is essential with regard to military families.  So often young families arrive on Base from all sections of our nation, receive an assigned house, and have no furniture with which to make a house a home.  Your contributions help tremendously in stretching their paychecks.  THANK YOU for caring and sharing!  Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with a brief description of items available, along with your phone number should you be able to assist us in filling needs.  Military persons are required to provide “transport and manpower” and will come to you to pick up.

Thank You from Afghanistan

Here’s an email we received from a unit in Afghanistan:

Well we are a happy bunch now!  Total surprise to see those ice chests arrive!
The neck coolers were a hit, everyone has one now - and ALL are in use!
We have plenty of bungee cords now so thanks, very helpful for the day-to-day things we use them for.
We are almost to our goal to have a cooler for each vehicle! Your contributions are very much appreciated!

Attached we wanted to show our thanks.

Click here to see the attachment: Message_of_Thanks.pdf

Fun for All!

These pix were taken May 27, 2011 at the CLB-1 Regiment Field Meet and we were there to serve root beer floats and ice cream sundaes to 1400 troops at Lake O’Neill.  In the one picture, a big pan of brownies (provided by food services) was empty but a couple of the guys ‘ham-it-up” - - chewing on the sticky spoon!  Fun time, and 16 of us were blessed to serve them.  Ooh-Rah!  wink image  image

Need for Bikes/Helmets

We received this request recently and thought we would share it in case there is anyone wondering why they are keeping bikes on hand when they are not being used.

Thanks for all of your continued support for our Troops, Gang!!  What a pleasure, ... right?  “Little is much when the Lord is in it!”

God’s blessings upon you and yours,

Nina & Jack Baugh
Military Support Network

Jack and Nina,

I am a military wife and my husband is with ___ Company, and will be coming home next Saturday on the Advanced party. He’s been deployed since December 8th in the __ MEU.  I actually have 2 trucks and a horse trailer, also a large 17 yr old son so I definitely have transportation and manpower to pick up.

Please keep me in mind if you come across any bikes that people are looking for homes for. Thank you so much for all that you are doing. You truly are amazing people at NCCC. 

God bless you and have a wonderful Easter!


Report on “Meet the Troops” Evening

The Lord was so gracious to us as the rain subsided and the sun came out on the afternoon we were meeting the troops (Wed., Apr. 6th) and it was a nice comfortably warm evening.  Eight of us had the privilege of serving nachos to families and loved ones of the soon-to-arrive 3300+ troops who flew into March Air Force Base and then were brought by bus to Camp Pendleton at one of the Parade Decks where the welcoming party gathered.
Customarily, a facility on Base serves hotdogs and popcorn, water and sodas to the welcoming families/friends as they wait for the buses and our nachos were a hit!  We arrived at 5:30pm and the troops actually arrived at 8:00pm, because of non-surprising delays.
We served seven of the large (gallon size) cans of nacho cheese sauce (warmed) and chips until the troops arrived.  It was a thrill to see the happy reunions.  We had a small amount of cheese sauce and chips left which was sent away with a Marine who took them to one of the barracks for the single guys.
We were all blessed to be in support of the families/friends and troops!
Thanks for your continual prayers for our troops.  Bless you all!
Nina & Jack

Report From Afghanistan

Some of you may remember meeting Chaplain David Kim some a couple of months ago at Church.  He was dressed in his uniform that day and appreciated all of you who stopped by to pray with and for him and his men soon to deploy.  We have a list of items requested by these guys from 1/5 (Infantry forces) at our MSN Table every Sunday, along with flat-rate boxes from the Post Office.
Chaplain Kim has just written (below) and lists additional items they are requesting.  This promises to be a VERY difficult mission as it’s Spring time there and the Taliban likes to attack our guys now that the winter and spring rains are subsiding.  Hopefully you and your family will be willing and able to pray for these guys daily at the time indicated below particularly.  All day long we can be in constant prayer for the Lord’s hedge of protection around these warriors.
This unit is replacing Darkhorse which took such tremendous casualities a few months ago and no doubt you’ve seen e-mails asking for prayer for Darkhorse.  We never stand so tall as when we pray on our knees before our Lord and Savior.  We can do this!
Read below and let your hearts guide.  God’s blessings upon all as we link arms with these warriors in our hearts and minds.  To God be the Glory!
By the way, we have been collecting neck coolers since the latter part of last summer and will be sending boxes of them to this unit this week.  Upon receiving feedback from Chaplain Kim we may be requesting help with making more coolers.  Hopefully many of you will be sending little spray bottles, per request below.

From: David Kim
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 5:52 AM
To: Jack and Nina Baugh
Subject: On deck
Friends of “Geronimo” 1/5,

I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know that we arrived safely at Sangin, Afghanistan and are currently getting settled in to our Forward Operating Base (FOB) here, one of three main ones.  The men are beginning to take over operations, and the overall mood is one of anticipation and curiosity.

Things have started to heat up already, both in terms of temperature and enemy activity.  One term you’ll hear me use is “kinetic,” and going back to your physics days, that means active, and for us, it’s a bad thing.  The spring fighting season is right around the corner, so please do keep us in prayer.  Again, we will be praying at 0800 each morning, which is 8:30pm Pacific Time.  Please join us in prayer to keep us covered.  I cannot share specifics yet, but I can tell you that we are already feeling the effects of those prayers!

For those of you interested in sending care packages to our guys, just from a few days on the ground, I have some edits/additions to the list I sent out before.  Fly paper or other fly traps would be great.  We’re not sure yet if mosquitoes will be a significant problem, but the flies are everywhere since we are located next to the Helmand River.  Also, it’s going to get hot.  Anything to help these guys stay cool that they can wear with their uniforms and that are easy to carry would be great, e.g. small spray bottles vs. Super Soakers.

I will have sporadic access to the internet when I am on the road.

Thanks, and God bless!

LT David D. Kim
Battalion Chaplain

“Make Peace or Die” Romans 5:1-2

Care Packages

Good people, we just received this e-mail from Chaplain Miller whom together we’ve been supporting for the past 6 months.  You will appreciate his report.
With appreciation for your caring/sharing hearts as we serve Him together by serving others.
Nina & Jack Baugh

To all of our great supporters.

I am happy to say that the time for us to come home is upon us, and we are looking forward to our reunion with you and our families.

I know I’ve said it before, but I really can’t tell you how much it means to have your support and to receive packages from the States while we are out here. We look forward to every mail delivery, and each box is like opening a present. The guys get so excited to see items they are used to seeing from back home. The socks, baby wipes, razors, shaving cream, canned food, ramen noodles, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, green t-shirts, underwear, flip-flops, nail clippers, candy, books, magazines, cookies, coffee, electric skillets with pancake mix, letters, cards, pictures, etc, etc, etc, were such a tremendous blessing.  I can’t even begin to express the unquantifiable impact you’ve made on the wellbeing, morale, and focus of the troops. It sounds strange, but it’s true, that you may have literally saved someone’s life because of what you sent. You never know who got a nice boost in spirit because of something they got in a package, which made them feel a little better that day, which made them focus on their job that much more, which made them find the IED rather than the IED finding them.

You can be proud of the young adults serving in our military. The responsibility that some of them carry is larger than you can imagine. Guys in their early to mid 20’s are in charge of groups of other guys, making sure they have everything they need for survival, and are staying sharp to save their lives. Not only that, but they also meet with locals and hold professional meetings with men old enough to be their grandparents to discuss road improvements, school attendance, shop improvements in the marketplaces, and so on. They influence not only the way the world views the Military, but the United States as well. It truly is amazing to watch these young people rise to the occasion and represent our country so well.

Thank you for your wonderful support.

It’s been an honor to be over here serving such fine Americans as yourselves.

Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)

-Chaplain Miller
LT Timothy J. Miller
Chaplain, United States Navy
2nd Battalion, 1st Marines

“God is found by sinking into the heart of the moment as it is.” -Kathleen Deignan

Helping Marine Families in Need

Thanks to you all, we were equipped and able to help this young Marine wife when she needed us.  What a privilege for NCCC to provide a safe and “soft place to fall” when needed.  To God be the Glory!!

Nina & Jack

From: “Susie”
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2011 12:25 PM
To: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Subject: Hello nina

Hi Nina,

How are you doing?  I don’t know how to start but I really want to know if you and your Church could please help our family with some grocery gift cards or gas gift cards, and diapers for my daughter.  We are having financial difficulties and we need to buy some food and diapers and right know I am desperate because we don’t have money left. I am embarrassed to tell you this, but since you helped us at Christmas I kept your email so can you please do your best to help.  We really be thankful to you,

We still have 1-1/2 weeks until my husband gets paid and we have run out of stuff.  My husband is a Marine and we have 3 children.

Thank you.

Help Military Families

Help support our troops and their families by donating furniture or household and baby items. Military personnel is required to provide manpower and transport for heavy items. We invite you to keep up to date with the needs of our military families by checking back on this website from time to time.

Cookies and Pancakes

Hey there, Team Members!!
Received this from our Forward Chaplain on the front this morning and wanted to share it with you asap.  The cookies he is referring to are those we baked up with a Marine wife who found out we were planning to send cookies over and she said, “I’ve always wanted to do that.  May I come bake cookies with you?”  .... We sent one very full box as a “test package”;  found ways to improve our packing techniques however, that we used when sending the multiple boxes just last Monday.  It’s always comforting to know our boxes were received.
Don’t we appreciate the picture as it’s truly worth a “thousand words”!  wink
Serving Him with you,
Nina & Jack

——- Original Message——-
From: Miller LT Timothy, Chaplain
To: Jack and Nina Baugh
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 12:50 AM
Subject: Skillets


Just wanted to send you this picture of one of our guys making pancakes for his buddies. A huge hit!!!

Also, we got the cookies. Believe it or not, most made it here just fine. But the bottom of the box was definitely a cookie crumb sandbox. We salvaged most, and they got eaten pretty quickly.

Thanks for all your support.

Grace and peace,


LT Timothy J. Miller
Chaplain, United States Navy
2nd Battalion, 1st Marines

Mattress Needed

A couple on Base experienced a water pipe break in their home while they were away from home;  she had just had surgery (was at doctor’s office) and had been sleeping on the floor downstairs on their queen size mattress (from upstairs bedroom) in order to not have to climb the stairs.  Sofa and mattress need to be replaced.  They have been moved to another home on Base but did not have renter’s insurance therefore have to replace furnishings at their own expense.
Should you know of anyone moving, downsizing, or replacing a mattress would you please let us know?  Thanks so much!
Oh, ... BTW!!  We mailed all of the cookies off today in six (6) large flat-rate boxes, and right at 800 cookies are on their way to Afghanistan!  Way to go, civilian troops!!  wink


Did you guys bake cookies, ... or what?!!!!  Bless your hearts!  We are in hopes each of the 1050 guys in 3/1 currently deployed to Afghanistan will . . .  before it’s over receive a hand full of cookies each, at least.  Chaplain Miller visits approximately 9 different FOB’s (forward operating bases) out on the points (front lines) and will parcel out our packages.  We have sent a couple of cookie care packages (large box) previously, and recently have sent two boxes of the Tootsie Roll ‘candygrams’ and have another box ready to go.  We thank you all so very much for sharing your hearts of love and encouragement with these heroes of ours!  We never know when this act of Jesus love will make the difference in the life of one of these guys.  Jesus knows!!  wink
We love and appreciate you all!!
Nina & Jack

Celebrate and PRAY!

We received the following message from our Base Chaplain and want to share it with you dear ones as we stand together in support of our troops and their duty as they strive to keep us free and safe.

Jack & Nina Baugh

“Dear Pastors and Friends,


As I visit and fellowship with churches and believers in the area, I am encouraged to hear good reports of “no losses within our flock.” As I read the article below, I too celebrate God’s providential protection for many of the Marines and Sailors who go forth from Camp Pendleton to places of war. As we rejoice, however, let us not forget that there are mounting losses in our community.  Remember, memorial services and funerals are being held in base chapels and in some congregations somewhere.  Remember also that there are some families who may face these tragic losses without benefit of clergy because of choices they have made to not include God in their personal or family lives.  Remember there our chaplains in the battle zone and back here at home that are daily dealing with the tragic impact upon fellow Marines and Sailors, spouses and children, mothers and fathers.  Remember, there are many who do not know “the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,  who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”

As we celebrate our good fortune, please join with me in praying for those outside our church walls or our particular fellowship of believers.

Got Jesus?  Don’t keep Him.  Be eager to take what he gives you and give others.

O.J.Mozon, Jr.


As printed in North County Times
1 Jan 2011:

Bell tolls frequently for local Marines in Afghanistan
  Reports of their deaths come with regularity.
  Last week, there were two more battlefield deaths for Camp Pendleton’s 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment.
  The announcements were terse.
  On Monday, it read: “Lance Cpl. Kenneth A. Corzine, 23, of Bethalto, Ill., died Dec. 24 of wounds received Dec. 5 while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan.”
  On Wednesday came this: “The Department of Defense announced today the death of a Marine who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Cpl. Tevan L. Nguyen, 21, of Hutto, Texas, died Dec. 28, while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan.”
  After more than nine years, the outcome of the war in Afghanistan remains as uncertain now as it did when it was launched in response to the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
  What is certain is that more locally based troops will be killed and wounded, as several thousand are scheduled to deploy to the southern Helmand province in 2011.
  The base toll death for 2010 in Afghanistan stood at 56 through Thursday, according to a count kept by the North County Times.
Of those, nearly two dozen were from the base’s 3/5, the “Dark Horse” battalion.
About 20,000 Marines are in Afghanistan, with a like number expected to be there throughout the next 12 months. (more)  “

Thank you, MSN, from Afghanastan

To our NCCC Onward Christian Soldiers who are supporting our USMC Marines.  We have been supporting this Chaplain (Timothy Miller) as you know, and have just received this e-mail from him regarding Christmas “on the points” in Afghanistan.  These Marines have no ‘niceties’, other than what they receive in care packages.  As you may recall, Chap. Miller requested electric skillets, pancake mix, syrup (we also sent lots of peanut butter) and this is the latest response from him.
We would love to get this message out to our entire Church family on a Sunday morning, but unless it comes from the pulpit most will not hear.  Truly this communication ties our hearts closer to our warriors and causes us to desire to do all we can to “come-along-side” in support.
Know this will bless your hearts!  Let us continue providing prayer support for our troops!  “Lead on Lord Jesus!”
Nina & Jack
——- Original Message——-
From: Miller LT Timothy
To: Jack and Nina Baugh
Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2010 8:53 PM
Subject: Skillet

Good morning from Afghanistan!!!

I hope the Christmas season is bringing lots of joy to you and the church.

Just wanted to let you know that we received another new skillet, it made it perfectly, along with the two bottles of syrup, which were totally fine.

I am doing a midnight Christmas Eve service in the Chapel tonight, and am going to surprise those who show up with some freshly made pancakes! Breakfast out here usually consists of some powdered egg mix and some nasty greasy sausages, so pancakes are going to be an amazing treat!

The power out here is testy, and when I did a trial pancake run yesterday, I blew the circuit breakers. However, I figured out that if I unplug my coffee pot, then the circuit will hold up! So, coffee first, then pancakes… and we should have a pretty nice service.

It is supposed to be 26 degrees tonight, so I can tell you that walking into a warm chapel tent with the smell of pancakes and coffee will be like walking into heaven for some of these guys. I’m very excited! I’ll be sure to send pictures.

I’m also doing a Christmas morning service in the Chapel, for the less faithful who don’t want to come at midnight J

I pushed some pancake mix to another group of marines who have already been cooking them up in the morning, and the report is that they love them.

Thanks for the great Christmas gift. It’s little things like this that mean the world to these guys who live with nothing more than a sleeping bag and a few pair of uniforms – no hot showers and no heat in sub freezing weather.

Please keep us in your prayers. For those who can’t be at church in the States, I’ll continue to bring church to them.

Grace, peace, and Merry Christmas!!!

-Chaplain Miller

P.S. The link below will take you to our unit’s website, where you can see pictures and read news articles about the work we are doing.

2nd BAttalion, 1st Marines Website

Congratulations Nina & Jack on receiving the US Marine Corps Spirit of Hope Award for tireless support of military service members and their families in Southern California!

Learn all about the award by clicking the Spirit of Hope tab.

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Military Support Network Media

Congratulations, Jack and Nina Baugh, on winning the US Marine Corps Spirit of Hope Award for 2009!

To learn more about the award, take a look at this extract from the Hope Award Program.

Nina & Jack’s Report on the Hope Award!

Our October 26th trip to the Pentagon regarding the 2009 Spirit of Hope Award was more than we could have ever dreamed of and all because of the Lord’s plan to have someone “here in the shadow of Camp Pendleton” step-up-to-the-plate and become the conduit through which He could connect our surrounding community with our military community in an effective way.  What an amazing privilege!  Many people in our community have storage units rented to store extra “stuff” that isn’t being used and many people have come forward with the heart to share their items with our military families.  As a result, this effort as well as many other avenues of service to the military community, Praise His Holy Name, is benefiting many of our military personnel/families.
We had no idea there even was a “Spirit of Hope Award” on the planet and when we were contacted about being submitted as candidates for this award, we were simply amazed!  Somehow the Lord graced us with this honor.  Our daughter (Joyce/Tulsa) and son (Rick/Atlanta) were able to get away from their careers and join us, and also Jack’s cousin and wife in Florida (who took the challenge to their Church and have sent many care packages) made the trip also.  We have pictures received from the Coast Guard’s Pentagon approved photographer, if you are interested further.  They would not allow personal cameras in the Pentagon.
Bob Hope’s son (Kelly) was present and actually pinned the lapel pin on my jacket.  He was a kick, ... and Bob Hope’s niece was present also, Linda.  You will see both of them in the pictures.  Also present was the sculptor who works very closely with the Hope family in the creation of the medallion.  This is the fella placing the medallion over Jack’s head (Don Wiegland).  We shared the medallion as each nomination received but one.  We love being a team!  wink
Upon our arrival in the Pentagon we met our escort who told us we were to have an audience with the Asst. Sec. of the Navy prior to the ceremony, and that was quite a surprise!  We quickly realized we were among friends and they were Christians!  Amazing!  The Lord was truly in the entire mix!  The Asst. Sec., after a brief conversation regarding our ministry efforts, asked what they could do to further benefit our mission!  The gal (Evonne) who was one of our two escorts wrote us an e-mail a couple of days after our visit in follow-up regarding a conversation I had with her about how badly our military families need marriage and child-rearing guidance.  We have a wonderful mom in our friendship circle at Church who is an adorable gal, and she has personally birthed 12 children!  They are an amazing family and she is a dynamite “conductor” in her home and they all meld and work together as a beautiful orchestra!  The oldest is approx. 24 or 25 and the youngest is 10 months.  There are only two girls, the 16 yr. old and the 10 mo. old.  These are such beautiful children, and so well behaved. In addition, this mom homeschools all of the children!  She truly is amazing.  Anyway, our idea is to put together a video-clip of her with some of her basic wisdoms to share.  Young people today need their information quickly (or we lose their attention) and we realize a book would be a waste of time/money, and would take too long to get printed, .. whereas a video could be shared with myriads of young marrieds/moms quickly.  Please remember this effort in your prayers as we desire to be sensitive to His will and be in the center of it!
Back to the ceremony, ...  the gentleman to my left as we are seated on the stage is a humble guy who, along with his wife, lost his Marine PFC son in 2006 combat.  They have purchased 180 acres in the St. Louis, MO area and have turned it into Camp Hope, a handicapped accessible lodge and land where disabled vets can enjoy hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreational activities outside.  I spoke to him after the ceremony, expressing our sympathies and his response:  “It’s the price we pay for our freedom”.  Amazing man.
After the ceremony our family was given a personal tour of the Pentagon which was amazing.  Even though Jack had been in the building many times throughout his career, it was such a blessing to each of us!  We toured the area where the 9/11 airplane struck and became aware of how much worse this strike would have been had the plane hit in any other location of the building!  Amazing!  They have a beautiful memorial wall with all 184 named who perished there that terrible day.
We have a printed program from the ceremony which may be of interested to you.  We picked up several copies but not enough for everyone.  We would love to share it with you but don’t know exactly how to accomplish that.
None of my family of cousins had any idea as little kids just how much our Uncle Warren Lee’s life, sacrificed the first day of WWII’s ‘Battle of the Bulge’ would continue to influence us throughout our lives.  We are thankful the Good Lord has allowed our uncle to live on through our collective lives.  Thanks to our Christian faith and upbringing in this ‘Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth’, Praise God . . . “all things are possible;  only believe.”!  “If just a cup of water I place within your hand, then just a cup of water is all that I demand.”
Thanks for your interest, love and prayers for this Military Support Network ministry as we serve Him together by serving others.  May our Lord Jesus be glorified!
Jack and Nina Baugh
Military Support Network
North Coast Calvary Chapel/Carlsbad


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Mission Statement

                            NCCC MSN MISSION STATEMENT
                                    “Find a Need and Fill It”   
            (with regard to our military personnel/families at Camp Pendleton, CA)

This ministry endeavors to make a positive difference in the lives of our military personnel /families as we sit here “in the shadow of Camp Pendleton” in North County San Diego.  We as a congregation are blessed to be able to help fill needs during this time of frequent deployments with our troops in “harms way” in Afghanistan and Iraq.  It truly is our privilege to help alleviate some of the stress and strain these families endure by being sensitive to their needs, to care and share.

                                    OPPORTUNITIES TO SUPPORT:

1)  Do you ever feel you have too much “stuff” in your life?  Would you like to share your items and gain space while also benefiting a military person/family?  Or possibly, are you remodeling and need to find a home for your good gently used items?  We have a tremendous opportunity to express concern and support directly with our young military families, and we reach this multitude through e-mail contacts with Chaplains, Family Readiness Officers (FRO’s), and/or Officers, as well as individual households.  The military person interested in a particular “advertised” item is required to provide “Transport and Manpower” to pick up items directly from our local donors.  Many warriors own a pick-up truck, or can borrow one … or have a friend who will help them out, as they have the strong bodies to lift/load furniture!  Additionally donors have opportunity to personally reach out and express appreciation to members of our military.

Naturally, all items donated need to be in quite good condition, and clean.  We don’t give our heroes “junk.

Items continually in demand on Base are the basic necessities to help make a house a home, ie:

*    Beds of all sizes, from cribs to king size

*    Kitchen appliances (microwaves, coffee pots, mixers, blenders, can openers etc.)

*    Dishes, pots and pans, silverware, bake ware, bowls

*    Linens, towels, bedding

*    Sofas, occasional chairs

*    Dressers, chest-of-drawers

*    Kitchen tables/chairs

*    End tables, coffee tables

*    Floor lamps, table lamps

*    TV’s

*    Pac’n Plays

*    Strollers

*    Toys, books

*    Patio furniture, barbeques

*    Tools

*    Baby, toddler, young children’s clothing (clean and stain-free, please)

*    Baby blankets

2)  With contributions received we purchase gift certificates to the Commissary on Base and make them available to Chaplains and Family Readiness Officers to hand out when they feel a need is justified.

3)  At this writing we are supporting six (6) deployed Chaplains with care packages and they know to contact us when needs arise.  On Sunday mornings after both services we have care package lists and addresses information available at our MSN table.  Besides toiletries, goodies, reading material, we also send scripture “dog tags” for Chaplains to share with Joshua 1:9 “I will be strong and courageous.  I will not be terrified or discouraged for the Lord my God is with me wherever I go!” on one side, the Prayer of Salvation on the other side.

4)  MSN sends thousands of pairs of antimicrobial socks to our deployed “boots on the ground” troops, for as one warrior told us years ago, “If our feet are happy, we are happy.”  We can only imagine how the extreme heat, sandstorms, dirt, extreme cold all attack the feet, besides the inability to launder socks frequently.  We purchase “seconds” for $1.25/pair in large quantities, and the company guarantees the “seconds” in no way compromise wear-ability.  Amazing!

5)  Additionally, we endeavor to come-along-side our units on Base to help with special events, whether it’s a Pre-Deployment Brief, a Return/Reunion session, special Family Day events, Sweetheart Banquets, Holidays etc. by providing gift cards to local restaurants or supermarkets.  We also provide Chaplains and Family Readiness Officers with holiday gift cards to Target &/or WalMart.

A small SUV is in the parking lot on Sunday mornings, unlocked and made available for individuals to bring good usable (soft) items and deposit them directly into the SUV.  We ask that bags be labeled to indicate contents, ie:  girls sizes 3-4 clothing, or queen size sheet set, etc.  These items are distributed right away through Family Readiness Officers on Base.  We are unable to accept adult clothing, with the exception of maternity clothes.  We so appreciate all of you who support these efforts, and may God bless you for your interest in supporting our heroes in the method that suits you best.

Continual prayers asking the Lord for His protection and mercy upon our warriors is the MOST important way we can support them.  Also pray for their marriages, for the wives and children, and that we all become keenly aware of ways to serve our Lord as Onward Christian Soldiers!

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Ways to Help


Help Military Families

Help support our troops and their families by donating furniture or household and baby items. Military personnel is required to provide manpower and transport for heavy items. We invite you to keep up to date with the needs of our military families by checking back on this website from time to time.

Baby Shower

We can always use baby shower items. Gently used items are acceptable. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or bring the items to the MSN Table on Sunday morning.

Other Ways to Help

*  Check out the Current News tab to see upcoming events that offer opportunities for service.
*  Donate gift cards or other items on the “Items Continually Needed” list.
*  Send packages to deployed troops.
*  Pray for our troops and their families.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or stop by the Military Support Network booth on Sunday Morning to volunteer.

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