Welcome to Benevolence

Benevolence assistance is intended as temporary help to get members of the church body over the “hump” of a financial crisis so that they do not go without basic life necessities; i.e. food, shelter, & transportation for work. It is not intended to be a means of ongoing support.

We are concerned about meeting both your spiritual and physical needs so the Benevolence process starts by getting involved in the church. We would like to help you find a place at North Coast Calvary Chapel where you can connect with people that can lead to solutions for your physical and spiritual needs. Through regular attendance to one or more meetings, that may include our Saturday evening, Sunday morning or Sunday evening services, our home groups in the local communities, and our special care groups that meet during the week, we hope to be able to help you.

For those who choose not be involved here, please visit the Emergency Help Referral Guide for other emergency help groups we hope will be of service to you.





Orville Stanton, Caring Ministry Pastor

760-929-0029 x106 Contact Orville

Nancy McNerney, Administrative Assistant

760-929-0029 x158 Contact Nancy

Prayer Requests

You can email prayer requests here