We invite you to join us for the remainder of our 2017 courses for the BIBLICAL TRAINING CENTER (Formerly The Center). Whether you are a new follower of Jesus, unsure about your walk with God, or growing in your faith, these classes are designed for any adult. We offer a safe place for you to get to know others, learn the truth of God’s Word and to ask questions for further growth.

These Core Classes are taught and facilitated by qualified and gifted teachers, pastor Jim Doyle and other staff pastors.




Day: Sundays (AM)

Time: 10:45am – 12:00pm

Location: Chapel Building: C-205B (Upstairs)

Contact: Jim Doyle:


Course Description


“The End Times (Eschatology)”

Come have your faith strengthened and be encouraged as you study what the Bible has to say about the end times! Topics include the Tribulation, role of the Antichrist, Rapture, Second Coming, Millennium, New Heavens, New Earth and more. This is an open 8 week class where you are encouraged to attend all or only the topics that interest you the most. Note: this class will be taught from a Pre-Tribulation/Pre-Millennial perspective while respecting other viewpoints.






Course Schedule

Oct 8:         What are the four main views of the end times?

Oct 15:      What’s the Rapture all about?

Oct 22:      Best evidence from current events that we are living in the last days.

Oct 29:     What takes place during the Tribulation on earth and in Heaven?

Nov 5:       End time chronology from Jesus from the Olivet Discourse (Matt 24, Mark 13, Luke 21)

Nov 12:     What’s up with Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet?

Nov 19:     The Second Coming, Marriage Supper and Millennium

Nov. 26:    (No class because of Thanksgiving weekend)

Dec 3:      The Great White Throne Judgment & Hell

Dec 10:    Eternity/Heaven (New Jerusalem)

First Half of 2018 Courses

Are There Errors in The Bible? How to Answer “Problem Passages”

  • Understand the difference between Biblical inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy.
  • Be aware of a growing and dangerous departure from a high view of Scripture.
  • Walk through resolutions to some of the most common Bible difficulties.
  • Know where to go for answers if anyone give you a difficult passage to address.


Jan. 14: What is inerrancy and why should you care?

Jan. 21: Common Bible difficulties with resolutions (Part 1)

Jan. 28: Common Bible difficulties with resolutions (Part 2)

Feasts of Israel: Why Are They Important and How Do They Point to Jesus?

  • Understand the annual timetable for the Old Testament Jewish Festivals.
  • Identify the Messianic significance of each feast (both past & future significance).
  • See how the feasts shed light on important New Testament passages.

Feb. 4: Passover

Feb. 11: Unleavened Bread

Feb. 18: Firstfruits

Feb. 25: Pentecost

Mar. 4: Trumpets

Mar: 11: Atonement

Mar. 18: Tabernacles


Movements Within the Modern Church to Be Aware of

  • Be aware of the movements that have been changing the culture of the modern church.
  • Identify the theology of these various movements.
  • Soundly reason with people of different theological beliefs with love, meekness and respect.

April 8: What is the New Apostolic Reformation?

Apr. 15: Word of Faith movement: Founders and stronger proponents.

Apr. 22: Word of Faith movement: Weaker proponents to be aware of.

Apr. 29: Chuck Smith’s insights regarding Charisma vs. Charismania.

May 6: The “emerging church” and postmodernism.


Essentials and Non-Essentials of Biblical Christianity

  • Understand doctrines held in common by all major denominations of Christianity.
  • Know the beliefs that identify an evangelical Christian
  • Identify which doctrines are essential and which ones are ok to disagree on.
  • Learn how to show compassion, love and respect to those with whom you disagree.

May 13: Essential doctrine we are not to compromise on. (Part 1)

May 20: Essential doctrines we are not to compromise on. (Part 2)

May 27: No class (Memorial Weekend)

June 3: Non-essentials: Where there is freedom to disagree (Part 1)

June 10: Non-essentials: Where there is freedom to disagree. (Part 2)