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Mark Friestad
Mark Friestad 

Children’s Ministry Pastor 

Joan Stevenson

Children’s Ministry Director

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Welcome to Children’s Ministry!


Our Children’s Ministry at North Coast Calvary Chapel is led by a team of staff and volunteers whose passion is loving God and children. Our goal is to provide a fun and interactive program tailored just for kids no matter age and grade to help them know Jesus and grow spiritually as they build meaningful relationships with other children and Adults!

Service Times

Saturday 5:00 pm

We have changed with the season and pushed our Saturday Evening service time up to 5:00 p.m.!
Not only are we going to get you and your family out by dinner, but we’re also inviting your kids to join us for worship before they go to their classrooms. This could potentially free up your Sunday morning, giving you a full day free with your family! In addition to creating space on Sunday mornings for newcomers to fill.

Sunday 8:45 & 10:45 am

(full Children’s Ministry programs)

Sunday 6 pm

(childcare for ages 5 & under)

Kids in Missions Video

Watch this video of our NCCC kids sharing about their experience in missions  WATCH

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If you are visiting our church for the first time, WELCOME! Programs for kids of all ages are available during our Saturday evening and Sunday morning services.  In addition, care for kids ages 5 and under is available during the Sunday evening service. When you arrive on campus, you will see a check-in area for kids.  Stop by and we will be happy to show you where your child's class is located.  If you can't find where to go, come to the counter in the Lobby of the Children's Ministry building, which is located near the playground.  CAMPUS MAP We look forward to meeting you in person!

1.    God Matters Most. Only God saves, and only God transforms. Kids must know God’s love for them and respond to it before they will submit to him.

2.    Ministering to the whole kid. People have physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. We don’t isolate the spiritual just because “this is church”…because that’s impossible.

3.    Same-age Christian friendships. We want kids to have a positive peer environment that will endure through elementary, middle, and high school and beyond.

4.    Older Christians investing in younger ones. Kids need a circle of supportive older believers in addition to their parents who invest in them in an intentional way.

5.    Speaking kid language. Our job is to reach out to kids in relevant and culturally-appropriate ways. Kids need to be allowed to be themselves before we can push them beyond themselves.

6.    Curiosity and questions. Kids learn best by wrestling with ideas and making sense of new info. When they ask questions, it doesn’t mean we’ve done a bad job, it means they’re trying to understand.

7.    Freedom to make choices. The best way to equip kids to make good decisions is by letting them make actual decisions. We try not to do for kids what they can do for themselves.

8.    Long-term perspective. Spiritual growth is a life-long process. We train kids and parents to make the decisions that will change their lives.

What a wonderful gift children are! NCCC loves to celebrate as a church body when a family chooses to dedicate their child to the Lord. Throughout the year, there are several dates available for “Dedication Weekends.” Families can choose from these dates to dedicate their child during one of our weekend services. “In-Home Dedications” are also available if you desire a date that is not listed. Please read Steps 1-3 for details.

Step #1 – Understand What Baby Dedication Means The act of dedicating children to the Lord was a common practice of blessing among God’s people in biblical times. In addition, it was also a statement of recognition, on the part of the parents, that their child belonged to God. As Christians today, we dedicate children with the same purpose in mind. The dedication celebration is more than a ritual. It is a commitment on the part of the parents to honor the will and Word of God. It also differs from baptism. Click HERE to read the attached handout titled “You and Your Baby’s Dedication” for more information.

Step #2 – Choose a Date  Dates for upcoming child dedications are listed below. Click on the service you prefer, then complete the online registration. Or click here to request an “In-Home Dedication.”

*Although it is rare, occasionally a date needs to be rescheduled. If that happens to a date you're registered for, you will be contacted with information about a new date.

2018 Child Dedication Weekends

February 24, 5:00pm

February 25, 8:45am

February 25, 10:45am

February 25, 6:00pm


March 24, 5:00pm

March 25, 8:45am

March 25, 10:45am

March 25, 6:00pm


May 26, 5:00pm

May 27, 8:45am

May 27, 10:45am

March 27, 6:00pm


July 28, 5:00pm

July 29, 8:45am

July 29, 10:45am

July 29, 6:00pm


September 29, 5:00pm

September 30, 8:45am

September 30, 10:45am

September 30, 6:00pm

Step #3 – Confirmation and Logistical Information  You will receive an automated email reply which confirms your online registration has been received. A pastor will contact you the week of the dedication. On the dedication day, please check in with an usher 15 minutes prior to the start of the service. They will direct you where to sit. If extended family and friends wish to sit with you, please ask them to also arrive early in order to save seats. We encourage you to make use of our Children's Ministry program after your child has been dedicated. For additional information, email • (760) 929-0029 x177


Mom’s Day Out

Mom's Day Out is a caring environment for 1 and 2 year old's at North Coast Calvary Chapel on Wednesday mornings, 9:00am - 12:00pm, Sept. - June. The cost is $84/month.

Registrations for the Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 are closed at this time. Wait list only

For more information or to be added to the wait list, please email Lisa Edwards, Mom's Day Out Director.

1 Year Old's Class

Children must be 1 by November 1, 2017

Registration is closed. Please contact Lisa Edwards for more information at

(born 11/2/15 to 11/1/16)

2 Year Old's Class

Registration is closed. Please contact Lisa Edwards for more information at

Children must be 2 by November 1, 2017

(born 11/2/14 to 11/1/15)

Coast Kids Weekday Preschool

Registration for fall 2016 as well as a variety of summer camps is going on now!

Contact Alisa Wickham, Coast Kids Preschool Director, to schedule a tour of our wonderful weekday preschool!

Visit the Coast Kids Preschool website for details.  (760) 929-0029 x125 •