Children's Ministry

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Sharing God’s Design for the Body with Your Kids

Saturday, February 25

9am-4pm, Reception Room
The seminar every parent needs!  Watch the video for details. Free seminar!  Bring your lunch, or buy from the Story Caffe during lunch break.
Online pre-registration is not required, but is appreciated.


Classroom Locations

4th-6th Grade – Room B201
For children who will begin 4th, 5th, or 6th grade in fall 2016

2nd/3rd Grade – Room B203
For children who will begin 2nd or 3rd grade in fall 2016

Kindergarten & 1st Grade – Room B100 (Fireside Room)
For children who will be enrolling in Kindergarten or 1st grade in fall 2016
(children must turn 5 years old by Sept. 1, 2016 for Kindergarten)

4 Year Olds & Pre-Kindergarten – Room B106 / B108
For children who are 4 years old or starting Kindergarten in fall 2017

3 Year Olds – Room B102 / B104
For children who are 3 years old

2 Year Olds – Room B103 / B105
For children who are 2 years old

Walkers – Room B101
For children who are at the walking stage and very mobile

Crawling & Toddling- Room A105
For babies who are crawling or toddling, but not fully in the walking stage yet

Infants – Room A106
For newborns and babies who are not yet crawling


NCCC offers a variety of support groups for children and parents who are experiencing loss or life transition. For a full listing of counseling and other services available, please visit our Marriage & Family page.

SINGLE & PARENTING is a group for single moms that meets as part of our midweek program, The Harbor. Visit the Harbor page for dates of upcoming sessions.