Refugee Care Teams:

A Journey of Hope

Join a team to care well for our Refugee friends in San Diego.

FRIEND TEAM: (Intentional Small Group)
These are friends who act like family. They are trustworthy, and committed for the long term. People who have attended or are willing to attend cultural or “Good Neighbor” training.

HOUSING TEAM: Help find affordable housing! Liaise with Friend Team as they look for a specific family’s needs and match with available housing option. Also brainstorm other solutions from buying apartment buildings to finding homes for multiple families. Investigate all types of rental assistance options including employer-based rental assistance.

STUFF TEAM: Manage and facilitate the donation and gifting of “stuff”. This could include “Good Neighbor Baskets / Kits” with home essentials.

EVENTS TEAM: Plan connection opportunities for Refugee Families to meet new friends in non-threatening environments. These would be entry points for people interested in joining a Friend Team to get involved and meet some Families. Some ideas would be picnics, give-away days, ice skating, BBQs…

JOBS TEAM: Help find jobs for various refugees depending on their skills, language ability and location. This team would also explore different levels of job placement, as well as get to know companies who are more open to some of the presupposed barriers to employing a refugee.
They could also oversee planning a job fair and job training.

SKILLS + RESOURCES TEAM: Identify and employ volunteers with various skills to areas of need. Manage contact info, interest areas and communication with volunteers. This will include people from all participating North County churches who want to be involved.

STORY BUILDERS: Collect success stories of great relationships that have been built, as well as families or individuals who have made the most of opportunities. Think of creative ways to share these.

Other areas for involvement:
• FINANCE TEAM: Help with Oversight, Rental Assistance, Fundraising
• TRAINING: E.S.L. (Miracosta), Finance + Budget, Car Repair, Kid’s Education
• IT: Communication, Web Page, Resources / Helps, Contact info
• ADVOCATE: Child Education, Job, Medical, Legal
• TRANSLATORS: Arabic and Farsi

If you would like to be involved in any of these areas, or just want some more info:

or email Lisa King