Facilitating or Hosting a Small Group

Important News: We have launched our short-term groups that gather for 10 weeks at a time. We are in need of individuals or married couples who love Jesus and love being with people. We’ll provide the training, sermon-based studies and the group members you need to fill your group. All you have to do is a little prep, open up your home and facilitate enjoyable discussion. If you are open to considering this, please fill out our Groups Leader’s Form. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Jim Doyle at 760-579-4101 or email.

Reasons for Starting a New Group

Taken, in part, from rickwarren.com.

In a small group, you'll develop a better understsnding of the Bible

If you have ever wanted to ask a question during a sermon or needed some clarification, then a small group is for you! In a small group, you can ask questions, participate in discussions and learn from others on applying the text to your personal life.

In a small group, you'll begin to feel a part of God's Family

What we hear most from those who are already plugged into a group is the joy of close friendships that have spread to get-togethers outside of group time. It’s part of who we are…to know others and to be known.

In a small group, you'll grow deeper in prayer

Learning to pray in a small group is so much better than trying to pray in front of a large crowd. There’s never any pressure, but you will become more comfortable and excited to experience God moving in lives of your group members, as well as your own.

In a small group, you'll find support through your stress and pressures

Small Groups often become a great support network in times of crisis, life changes and stressful situations we sometimes find ourselves in. It’s great to know that others are committed to caring for you and praying for you.

In a small group, you'll develop leadership skills

As followers of Jesus, we are indwelt through the power of the Spirit with gifts, along with our God-given talents, skills and abilities. Small Group are the best and easiest place to combine these strengths with our personalities and experiences. As you put how God has crafted you into practice, you gain more confidence in leading, caring and shepherding God’s people.