We are excited that you have a desire to follow the Lord’s example in baptism (Mark 1:9). Here at North Coast Calvary Chapel we practice baptism by immersion as it provides a clearer picture of our new life in Christ (Romans 6:3-4; 2 Corinthians 5:17). Remember, baptism is not a means of salvation but is an act of obedience (Matthew 28:19-20; 1 John 2:3) in identifying your life, as a believer (Acts 18:8), in Christ. For further understanding of Baptism, please click on our  Baptism Info Sheet

Baptism Orientation Class:

Sunday, April 14

Our classes are an important part of your baptism experience. Please make every effort to attend and contact Kathryn LeBlanc if you have a scheduling conflict.

18 year olds to senior adults: 10:45am in room C-205B (Upstairs off the back balcony in our Chapel Building)

7th – 12th grades: 12:30pm in room C-104 (High School room – Chapel Building)

Children up to 6th grade: 12:30pm in room B-202 (Upstairs in the Children Building)


Water Baptism: Sunday, April 21

This baptism is part of the Easter Sunrise Service, which begins at 7am at Ponto Beach, South Carlsbad. The baptism will follow at approximately 8am.


You will receive more details and directions at the Orientation Classes.

Baptism Registration



Kathryn LeBlanc

Admin & Coordinator: Small Groups + Connections

760-579-4138 //

Note: While there can be exceptions, we typically baptize children (7 years of age and older) through adults. However, we also offer child dedications. Please scroll down to Child Dedications on our Children’s Ministry web page.