The Arts

The Arts

The arts have long been a natural and expressive component of our faith. We acknowledge that all things have been crafted and created according to God’s good pleasure and in our desire to draw nearer to Him, we too create. Our purpose is to utilize our gifting in order to glorify God, connect with others and communicate the Gospel. Personal development, collaborative efforts and staying connected to artists that you know throughout the community, are extremely important to us. This ministry allows fellow believers to grow, create, and reach out together. Whether you are a Beginning, Re-emerging or Professional artist…we welcome you!

Fall Fine Art Exhibit, Going on now.

Chuck Butler Band – Sat., Nov 17 – 6:30-8:45 pm

Free Concert – At the Quail Flower Barn

Stir It Up! – Mon., Nov 19 – 7:00pm-9:00pm – C105

Guest Speaker, Gina Stockton will be speaking on:

“Identity, Insecurity and the Sacred Space”

Opportunities to Serve



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For information on how you can volunteer to serve in The Arts ministry contact:

Barbra Laughlin

760-929-0029 ext. 118

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